Depaul UK – rehabilitating the young and homeless…

The Leonard Lease team are helping raise awareness of Depaul UK by fundraising through sponsored events, supporting rehabilitation with work experience programs and donating a portion of annual profits.



Depaul UK and Leonard Leese believe that every young person deserves a home and a stake in their community wich is why they work to provide the stability and support needed for these young people to progress beyond homelessness.

This charity is very close to our hearts. Working in the city we see the many homeless taking shelter on the streets on a daily basis, however it’s also the one’s that are not so visible that we would like to promote awareness of – the ‘hidden’ homeless.  It can happen to any one of us due to a change of circumstances; a friend, a colleague or even a family member may be hiding this by ‘sofa-surfing’ or staying late in the office.



Depaul UK is a youth homelessness charity providing housing and support to those aged 16-25 who find themselves in crisis.
They work with some of the most disadvantaged and isolated young people in the UK, specialising in communities where poverty and long-term unemployment have resulted in generations of social exclusion and high rates of homelessness. Many have experienced rough sleeping and come from extremely challenging circumstances.

Key statistics – 2015

  • In 2015 Depaul UK supported 3,178 people who were vulnerable, disadvantaged and homeless.
  • 740 young people were given accommodation and support in a Depaul House.
  • 1,421 people leaving prison were provided with essential housing advice and support.
  • 287 families received mediation to rebuild relationships, improve communication and prevent homelessness.
  • 652 young people were supported in the community to help them live independently, gain education and employment, and manage their finances.
  • 93% of young people left Depaul Houses for suitable move-on accommodation.
  • 89% improved their ability to make and maintain positive relationships with others.
  • 95% saw an improvement in their mental health. 90% increased their ability to manage their finances.
  • 87% worked towards finding employment or returning to education.(Percentages shown are the proportion of young people with a recognised need in each area experiencing improvement)


Depaul people bench Myths about homelessness

The perceptions of homelessness are often very different from the reality, here we aim to correct some homelessness myths –

Myth: “Most homeless people are older adults.”
Fact: Half of all homeless people first become homeless before the age of 21. By supporting young homeless people, Depaul not only helps the most vulnerable individuals but  we also prevent the cycle of homelessness from continuing.

Myth: “Most homeless people sleep on the street in plain sight.”
Fact: “Hidden homelessness” affects around 400,000 people in the UK every year. This includes staying in hostels, squats and B&B’s but a large percentage, particularly of young homeless people, “Sofa Surf” – moving between friends/family/acquaintances when they can—read more about hidden homelessness here:

Myth: “The biggest cause of homelessness is drug and alcohol abuse.”
Fact: This is a common misconception. The biggest cause of homelessness is actually a breakdown in family relationships. This is particularly prevalent in the young homeless population Depaul supports.

Myth: “It’s easy to get help from the council and claim enough benefits to support yourself.”
Fact: Recent benefit cuts have caused a massive increase in homelessness and “sanctions” (for reasons such as having incorrect paperwork/missing an appointment) means that many young people receive no money for months on end. Cuts to housing benefit have had a dramatic impact on homelessness.

Get involved

Check out our tweets, facebook page and blog to see Depaul Nightstopupdates on how we’re doing with our fundraising. We’d love to hear your suggestions on possible events, venues and feedback on your experiences. Why not get involved yourself and take part in the volunteer program, see the following link for more details